Scope of Exhibits

Machinery for outdoor & activewear

Sewing and after treatment machinery:seamless knitting machine, circular knitting machine, socks knitting machine, computerized flat knitting machine, cutting machine, digital printing machine, laser machinery, sewing machine, spinning machine, dyeing and finishing machine, seam sealing machine/hot-pressing machine, ultrasonic machine, leaking test machine, water press test, double-sided adhesive series

Accessory processing machinery:waterproof zipper machine, weaving machine, offset printing machine, flexo printing machine, screen printing machine, weaving machine, laser marking and engraving system, programme controlled Eco-friendly down filling machine and accessories

Intelligent medical, sports health care and recovery

Manufacturing technology:headband machine, cap machine, computer jacquard knitting machine (underwear, kneecap, elbow-pad, ankle pad, waist support, wristbands), machine for medical compression stocking, Core-spun yarn machine, tester for sports protection series

Software and system:remote medical, mobile medical, internet + medical treatment, medical health data, health management service platform, health management automation, network hospital, medical APP, APP for sports and recovery, health monitoring, preventive health care and rehabilitation equipment,, body feeling software, voice interaction, kinematics analysis test system, somatosensory software, voice interaction, kinematics analysis and test system

Wearable technology

Electronic information technology, sensor technology(biosensors, motion sensors, temperature sensors, 3D motion sensors, heart rate sensors), touch technology, biometrics, RFID technology, information management systems, intelligent hardware, electronic components, IC chips, custom systems, CAM / CAD system / hanging system, 3D intelligent fitting systems, 3D scan system, intelligent dressing mirror, 3D printing

Special chemicals and dyestuffs

Dye, additives, intermediates, organic pigments, inorganic coating, UV absorber, flame retardant, anti-uv finishing agent, ultraviolet screening agent, warm sense finishing agent, water- and oil-repellent finishing agent, UV coating, anti-reflective coating, sunscreen, polyurethane adhesive

High-tech materials and technology

Intelligent fabrics, intelligent fibers, phase change fibers, memory fibers, gel fiber. Optical fiber, graphene, nano, polyurethane fiber, polycarbonate, carbon fiber, functional film, resin for polyurethane shoes, eva foaming, shielding material, waterproof breathable fabric, far infrared / magnetic / antibacterial textiles, UV / electromagnetic radiation fabric, masterbatch

Technology for sole and upper of outdoor shoes

Sole processing:sole injection machine, polyurethane shoe machine series, polyurethane foaming machine series, elastomer pouring machine series, foam milling machine, surface active agent, tin catalysts for shoe sole

Upper processing:upper machine, toe lasting machine, side and heel lasting machine, sole attaching、steaming and heating preforming machine、cutting press, hydraulic press machine, steam machine, stitching machine, automatic gluing machine, eyelet machine, press machine, die forming machine